Blockchain For The Family | A New Generation of Crypto-keepers

Blockchain For The Family

What awesome family values and principles regarding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are you teaching your kids?

The future generation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency keepers are here!

Everyone knows Bitcoin--aka big man on campus--but there are many other cryptocurrencies on the rise, many of which are already very valuable. If not for the monetary gain, but for the moral gain. There are plenty of startups who have built themselves based on their visions of the future. Take Luis Cuende, for example, of Aragon. He is a passionate leader and an extremely smart young man who, since the age of 12, has been involved with software development. Twelve! This Forbes 30under30 is not a stranger to winning awards, but he is just one out of this new breed of highly intelligent creative technologists popping up globally. Kids these days are growing up immersed in technology. Not just any technology, but ground-freakin’-breaking technology such as Blockchain and because this is the world they have grown up in, it’s totally second nature to them. They’ll understand this new world better than you or I ever will, and that is the crucial fact that offers just a glimpse into what our future may look like.

Assuming you’re a parent in your 30-40s, when you were a kid, did you ever create a fully transparent decentralized government in your room along with a few other like-minded 12 year olds around the world? I would bet my left big toe that the answer is no. And that’s a pretty important toe. I bet you earned extra money by washing your neighbors car for five bucks or handing out free samples in front of Haagen Dazs. But, alas, as children are sponges who have spent their entire lives connected to the online world, which is as “real” to them as the physical world, therefore these products of nature and nurture have created an era where a 12 year old could potentially be creating the new global government. Right now.

For Their Generation, Bitcoin Means Freedom

Ever since Bitcoin was unveiled in January 2009, it has seen explosive price growth and overwhelming community support. The younger generation’s open mind--not yet destroyed by government, religion, news and suppressive leaders--have begun embracing the digital currency and it’s unique advantages and taken to it like a fish to water. Kids are now connected globally. Antiquated rules and boundaries are beginning to crumble.

As nontraditional companies are on the rise, kids are giving a whole new definition to the term Lemonade Stand. Bitcoin and Ethereum are their Savings. Cryptocurrencies are their tuition. Dash and Dogecoins are fun learning investments. Gone are the days of bringing your paper stock to the bank.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are highly appealing to tweens and teens mainly because it combines gaming (being rewarded for small tasks online), collaboration without boundaries (plenty of coding and design work paid in crypto), and for small online purchases. One of the greatest things about growing up with Bitcoin is that one will naturally understand it as being a currency. To adults it may still be somewhat abstract because we imagine physical dollars going from one hand to another, because we grew up using and earning fiat cash.

Even though they may be born with this advantage, we parents still want to teach our children about money and the responsibilities that come with it. How do we successfully teach such principles of being responsible, to save, and money managing tips to avoid becoming a slave to debt? Whereas in our consumer-centric world we have financial advisors and marketers pointing us in the opposite direction: encouraging reckless spending with endless “buy now--pay later!” campaigns. We must be vigilant in teaching children important security measures regarding cryptocurrencies and the internet as a whole; they must learn how to be their own bank and what this truly means: there’s no one to catch you when you fall, and there is no one to blame when your money goes missing. You are your own customer support. You’re your own bank, entirely.

Embrace this change as a family

Kids today are using Bitcoin to buy a bunch of stuff online; paying for Minecraft servers, Steam games, gift cards, as well as their own Netflix accounts. Stores are popping up such as our shop,, as well as accept crypto. The times are changing and gone are the days of lunch money for book reports--instead it’s crypto for code. It’s amazing what kids are up to these days. Mostly parents only hear the bad press: kids becoming more sexually active at a younger age, for example, or kids whose parents can afford college decide to drop out. Maybe it’s us, the old fogeys, who have the problem. Some might say they’re repressed, or jealous of what’s available to kids nowadays. Were you one of the lucky 12 year olds who had access to internet porn? With that said, they may have better access to more opportunities on a global reach, but it doesn’t come without consequences or it’s own unique challenges. Our generation, and especially the one before, had an easier time keeping their skeletons in the closet. Dirt was easily swept under the rug. The only time we were caught on film was stealing soda or Pogs from the corner bodega. The only way to ride this wave is by accepting change. Embrace it together as a family. Everything comes with advantages and challenges. Blockchain is our chance at a less corrupt and transparent future and this revolution is literally at our children’s fingertips.


Thank you for reading so far! What are your thoughts, dear readers, on embracing this revolution? How does Blockchain and Crypo play a role in your family life, upbringings and life lessons? Comment below!

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